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Speak to for pre registered vans and cheap finance. was setup in 2008 and sells volume vehicles across the UK. Since 2008 the have sold close to 10,000 new vans. works with multiple van finance companies and pass on the discounts and savings onto you.

New Vans gives competitive discounts on new vans. It doesn't matter the make or model but we will have a way of selling it faster and cheaper and with more style. We order own own volume stock and act as a sales force for several very large automotive groups hence we can stock without risk and sell without profit remorse. We want volume. Yet we simply do not customise on service and support.

Pre registered Vans
On many cash and HP deals the discount levels are less than say a finance lease product. This look at pre registration for the best deals. In almost all cases the van is registered before hand as soon as you have paid for it in full or your finance has paid out. You of course will be the second owner of the van and in most cases not receive a V5 for a year but you will save literally thousands of pounds. No one has ever rung us and asked for our "second best price" therefore you may well be receiving a pre registered van so if this isn't to your liking simply ask beforehand and we will charge you the extra to be the first owner.

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