New Citroen Relay



New Citroen Relay

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Pre Registered Citroen Relay L3H2 Enterprise £14299

Van Finance

Van Finance 
Van Leasing 
Place a deposit from £500 – 50% and payments over up to 7 years with and without a balloon. 48 Months is the most popular. PX at any time. 100% tax efficient and one of the cheapest methods to finance any van
Van Finance Lease
As above its the same. Balloons are generally set quite pessimistically low to give a buffer. If you do super high milage or don’t take care of vans do not go for a balloon 
Van Lease Purchase
This is to own the van at the end. Place VAT down plus any deposit. Its more suited to VAT registered companies. Some manufacturers give less discount on this method e.g Merc, Ford. Pre registration  might be offered. 100% tax 
Van Contract Hire 
Great for fleets of basic vans. There is a credit check like any other method of finance. Its great for fleets of vans all the same that are handed back at the end. 


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